Vanity, vengeance and vampires reign supreme in the original dramatic rock opera Mýthos: The Crimson Chorus.   With music that runs the gamut from 70s-inspired orchestral rock to grunge, alternative, blues and jazz, and a cast of strong-willed supernatural beings, this rock musical is out for blood.  Our cast of humans, deities and vampires breathe new life into ancient and contemporary myths.  Three female leads, two male leads and a mixed chorus of 10 comprise this diverse cast.

Thank you all so much for your time and energy on Saturday!

We will be notifying all successful applicants personally this week. Resources for callbacks can be found below.

Character Details and Songs


a Greek Goddess, (rock alto/mezzo) – all-powerful and vengeful, revered in ancient Greece.


a Vampire (rock tenor) – Arrogant and self-centred, always taking what he wants for himself


a Vampire (rock tenor) – Aethan’s closest friend and owner of the Corps du Sang nightclub


a Human (rock soprano) – Aethan’s human conquest, acolyte of the Goddess Hemera.


a Vampire (rock mezzo) – Marcellus’s one-again- off-again lover

(Note for all songs: the sheet music is does not always match the newer audio recordings…)

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