A thank you for our contributors…

Basket of bloodAs a special thank you to all our generous contributors we have put together a delicious lottery Basket O’ Blood filled with all our favourite vampire swag.  In addition to the regular perk selected when you contribute, with each $10 contributed your name is put into a draw.  ($20 contributed = 2 entries, $50 = 5 entries, $500 = 50 entries)   At the end of the fundraising campaign one lucky contributor will receive this prize package which includes:

True Blood – Season 1 on DVD, American Vampire – Vol I, Scarecrow Vampire Fangs, Vampire Paper Dolls, Anne Rice’s The Vampire Lestat (our favourite!), a stunning Penguin Clothbound Classics  edition of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, 2.5” x 3.5” original vampire bat artwork card by OniOniArt, Edward Gorey Dracula Toy Theatre and Vampire Weekend’s self-titled album.

This prize package is worth approximately $150.00!  Thanks for helping us produce the workshop!!

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