The Story




Night is falling at the CORPS DU SANG  – an underground dance club where the vampires play.   Exposed brick and industrial steel catwalks, pounding club music and LED monitors fill the space.   Tufted velvet chaises and banquettes litter the perimeter of the dance floor.  Humans gamble with their fate as they willingly mingle with the undead.   Marcellus, the vampire ring master and owner of the club, surveys his domain.  Our vampire hero, Aethan, enjoys a pint at dusk at the mahogany and concrete bar.  On the stairs and catwalks, the Vampire Chorus invites us to  (Come Out and Play).  Marcellus and Aethan join in and introduce us to the intricate lives of the undead.   A young woman, Cate, appears on the catwalk.  The instant Aethan catches sight of of her it is obvious they have a past together (Bring About the End intro). The modern-day club transforms and we are transported back in time to Ancient Greece (Temple Dance).



As Temple Dance continues to play out, we watch Cate and her sister acolytes pledge their lives to the goddess Hemera.  Hemera blesses each of them in turn, though it is evident that Cate is her favourite.  Outside the temple, indolent vampires watch the ritual and lie in wait.  When Hemera leaves, each human servant is seduced away from the temple, leaving Cate to be taunted and tormented by several vampires.   As Marcellus’s lover Siobhán looks on, Aethan and Marcellus praise Cate’s attributes and decide she is worth keeping.   Aethan seduces and transforms Cate to one of his own kind (Acolyte’s Seduction).  Coming  out of her thrall, a horrified Cate watches as her fellow acolytes are killed or transformed, at the whim of the vampires.  Devastated by the carnage she has seen, Cate takes control of her fate.  Choosing to end her life, she steps into the sunlight  (No New Dawn).  The goddess Hemera witnesses Cate’s immolation and then discovers the destruction the vampires have wrought upon the other acolytes. Wracked by the loss of her girls, Hemera curses Aethan to an eternity of loving and losing Cate (You’ll Get What’s Coming to You).  We travel forward through time watching Hemera’s curse play out  (You’ll Get What’s Coming To You reprise).  Aethan and the reincarnated Cate come together and are torn apart over and over and over again.  Each time Cate dies, Marcellus abandons Siobhán to support Aethan.



Back in the present-day club, Aethan steels himself against his fate when he sees the reincarnated Cate once more (Bring About the End).  Marcellus tries his best to shake Aethan out of his cursed addiction (Get Over It).  The Goddess Hemera appears and pushes the innocent Cate in the direction of Aethan (Look At Him), but Aethan quickly rebuffs Cate’s advances (I Ain’t No Romeo).  Marcellus’ old flame Siobhán arrives and they continue the game of cat & mouse they’ve played for many centuries  (You’re Not So Tough).  Sensing that Aethan is only protecting himself, Cate vows to gain his affections (Falling). The entire cast fight through their emotions (Clutching At My Dream).




The Vampire Chorus shows the true nature of their fabulous lives (Our Dusk is Dawn). Marcellus fights with his feelings for Siobhán (Losing My Grip). Cate follows Aethan and Hemera to the rooftop, and overhears an emotional confrontation (What Do You Know?).  Appalled to discover the truth of her own existence, Cate in turn, confronts Hemera (What Am I?). Cate finds herself at a loss, now realizing that she exists only as a torment to Aethan (Unknown). Meanwhile, believing she is never first in Marcellus’ heart, Siobhán gives voice to her frustration (Status Quo).   Taking control of her destiny, Cate begs Aethan to turn her to one of his kind (Do This For Me).  Hemera struggles with her conviction after her argument with Cate (Doubt). Siobhán and Marcellus argue once again over the state of their perpetually toxic relationship (Next Time Around). Resolving at last to sacrifice himself for Cate, Aethan walks into the sunlight (My Eyes Are Open). As Cate weeps over his ashes, Hemera grants Aethan a mortal life (Deus Ex Machina), allowing the pair their happy ending. Together as humans, Cate & Aethan marvel at their new-found life (Enough for Us). The entire cast looks to the future (Hope Springs Eternal).